In association with The Light House Club

Premier Waste Service (UK) Limited is pleased to announce its Pallet Repatriation Scheme, which is due to begin in 2015.

The construction industry currently disposes of hundreds, possibly thousands of Pallets each year via waste collections and skips, pallets that could be repatriated back into the industry, recycled into other products and generate revenue.

In general, the majority of Pallets that are used to transport goods and materials to a construction site, however, they typically end up leaving site within the skips as Waste Material.

Premier Waste Services (UK) Limited are proposing a Pallet Collection service throughout 2015, whereby, projects within a particular mile radius will be eligible for a FREE Pallet Collection Service*

All collected Pallets will go for repatriation via a local reprocessing depot, enabling maximum recycling and re-use potential for all pallets. All pallets that are collected and are of high enough quality will generate revenue, this revenue will be donated towards schemes organised by The Lighthouse Club.

The Lighthouse Club is a charity organisation, set up to emotionally and financially support employees within the Building and Construction Industry who suffer unexpected unemployment, Bereavement, Injury or Accident.

The Lighthouse Club have assisted many members of the Building and Construction Industry back into work, financially assisting when in need, and supporting family and friends through hard times.

Any project or construction site can take advantage of this service, no matter how big or small, even if you don’t currently use our Waste Services, we are pleased to be associated with this organisation, and therefore we appreciate any support from any project.

Alongside this Free Collection, Premier Waste Services (UK) Limited want to show their commitment to the scheme and The Lighthouse Club by matching all revenue generated on an annual basis.

We aim to get as many Building and Construction Projects involved to help assist with members of the industry suffering personal injury or emotionally challenging times.

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Total Amount raised for the Lighthouse Trust is £1430


*Free collection service is available where projects fall within the serviceable area of the M60, and a minimum pallet amount will apply.


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